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Who is eTantrum?

eTantrum is a unique business consulting group in Southern California of various professionals with decades of experience in a wide variety of disciplines.  We work on a project manager based platform which is the key to a successful consulting project. We take the guesswork, hard decisions, and necessary re-training out of employee and managers hands to create an efficient and organized business.  eTantrum will assist your business and leave those tantrums to the children.

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Warehouse Management

Our WMS consulting services helps clients explore real-time decisions on delivery, operation and warehouse procedures. We provide education for best practices on organization of both physical warehouse and the application deployed within the four walls of your building.

Inventory Control

Basic systems are periodic and perpetual.  We offer clients education and guidance on how to maintain accurate count on on-hand inventory.  Control business process of Pick, Put, Receive, Ship options with software applications and how to best automate your warehouse.

Distribution Networks

Guidance on software deployment, policy and software repositories to better control your environment as well as protect capital investment. Guide in efficient transactions to meet demands of customers as well as ensure smooth and successful software installations from versions and processes. Optimizing inventory control, purchasing and meeting customer demands.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations is a touchy subject.  With all the Employment laws both federal and state, it is important that documentation is kept accurately,  We can assist you with what documentation is both required and recommended; provide sources to purchase necessary forms and handouts; and how to develop an Employee Handbook.

Accounting / Finances

Tracking expenses and complying with appropriate accounting practices is vital to the success of any business.  Our team can review accounting practices and financials and make recommendations on where to save money.  We have several CPA’s with varied disciplines from manufacturing to distribution to analyze financials.

Clinical Laboratory Consultation

We can help in site selection, basic design of the physical plan of a Laboratory, review of testing menu and selection of appropriate equipment according to CLIA requirements with emphasis in green technologies.  We offer recommendations in contract negotiations for lease or purchase of equipment and or reagents looking for the most efficient and cost effective alternatives.

Label / Tag Converting Operations

Every converting operation has areas that can be improved.  With over 35 years experience in label/tag manufacturing operations, we can assist you with everything from supply vendors to employee training to management and accounting software systems; workflow analysis to outbound shipping vendors.  We have the proven techniques and methods that can improve your operations’ bottom line.

Website / Marketing / SEO

Putting a website is more than just video, text, and images. A website should generate traffic, produce content, and maintain its integrity. We’ll educate you about the importance of proper web design, put a website together for you, and make sure you know what to do to continue generating traffic.


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